South Miami Ordinance And Solar Panels is advising Miami area clients on a key regulation: South Miami now requires solar panels for new builds and major renovations.

This pioneering move aims to boost renewable energy use, ensuring projects meet sustainability and efficiency standards for long-term benefits.

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Solar Panel Regulations in South Miami

For those living or developing in South Miami, grasping the area’s solar power law is essential. This legislation showcases a dedication to eco-friendly and sustainable construction by requiring solar panels on specific new builds.

Ordinance Overview

The South Miami solar ordinance requires that new residential constructions install solar panels. Specifically, 175 square feet of solar panels per 1,000 square feet of sunlit roof area is mandated, or 2.75 kW per 1,000 square feet of living space, whichever is lesser.

For homeowners undertaking renovations, this requirement applies if you increase your home’s footprint by more than 75%. The ordinance aligns with South Miami’s push for renewable energy and aims to encourage energy efficiency in the local area.

Legislative History

The South Miami City Commission, with former Mayor Philip Stoddard  taking a visionary stance, passed this legislation to reflect the city’s commitment to environmental policy and sustainability.

Your construction or renovation project in South Miami must now comply with these regulations, representing an assertive shift toward green building practices.

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Carbon Emissions and Climate Response

By requiring solar panels on new homes, you directly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions within South Miami. This local government initiative supports the U.S. Department of Energy‘s goal to increase the adoption of clean energy sources.

Solar energy, a key player in renewable sources, helps mitigate the effects of climate change by replacing fossil fuels in electricity generation. Your local action thus resonates with global climate responses by contributing toward carbon neutrality.

Renewable Energy Incentives

To encourage solar installations, you have access to various renewable energy incentives. These incentives not only reduce the upfront cost of solar panel installation but also ensure long-term energy savings for you. As part of sustainability efforts, these solar energy incentives align with green building practices, boosting energy efficiency and promoting a more sustainable energy infrastructure in your community.

Requirements for New Homes

When you build a new home in South Miami, it is now mandated that you include solar panels. Specifically, new residential construction is required to have 175 square feet of solar panels for every 1,000 square feet of sunlit roof area, or 2.75 kW per 1,000 square feet of living space, whichever is less. This groundbreaking regulation ensures that new homes contribute to the city’s sustainability goals from the onset by incorporating rooftop solar technology.

Solar Panel Regulations for Renovations

If you are planning significant home renovations that increase the footprint of your existing property by 75% or more, these regulations become applicable to your project as well. This means that substantial renovations must now also comply with the rooftop solar panel installation requirements akin to those set for new construction, aligning renovated homes with new ones in the drive towards greater renewable energy usage.

Jeff Ellis, Co-Founder of, applauds South Miami’s solar mandate as a forward-thinking measure against climate threats like sea level rise and extreme heat.

Comparative Analysis With Other Cities

In terms of kilowatt capacity, your city’s requirements are designed to maximize the sunlit roof area usage for optimal energy generation. This initiative also aligns with the approaches of other forward-looking U.S. cities including Orlando and St. Petersburg, which have pledged to transition towards renewable energy sources.

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