Florida Power & Light SolarTogether Program

SolarTogether, offered by Florida Power & Light (FPL), presents a unique opportunity for you to participate in solar energy without installing panels on your property.

It’s designed to make solar more accessible while providing cost savings and environmental benefits.

Although the SolarTogether program by Florida Power & Light (FPL) is currently closed, you can join the waitlist, says Javier Gonzales of SolarPanelsMiami.org.

Program Overview

The FPL SolarTogether program allows you to subscribe to a portion of solar energy produced by FPL’s solar centers. You can choose to offset up to 100% of your electricity use with solar power.

Florida Power & Light  SolarTogether Program

Benefits and Savings

Participating in SolarTogether can result in both environmental and economic benefits. You’ll contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, fostering a healthier environment and promoting global sustainability.

Participation in SolarTogether

Florida Power & Light’s SolarTogether program offers a unique opportunity for you to harness solar energy without the need for personal solar panel installation.

By enrolling, you ensure part of your energy use is offset by solar power, leading to potential savings on your energy bill.

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Enrollment Process

To join the FPL SolarTogether program, you must first enroll through the company’s website. The process is straightforward—select the amount of solar energy you desire to match against your energy usage, up to 45%, with options to join a waitlist for a 100% offset.

Ownership and Renting

Whether you own or rent your home, participation in SolarTogether is available. You do not need to install any equipment on your property, as the solar energy is generated off-site at SolarTogether energy centers.

Financial Aspects

Joining SolarTogether could lead to savings on your monthly electricity bills. When you enroll, you’ll receive bill credits at a fixed credit rate based on the solar energy produced by your purchased subscription share.

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