Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman for SolarPanelsMiamiorg

Michael Coleman is a key figure at SolarPanelsMiami.org, serving as an experienced engineer within the solar industry for over a decade.

His journey in solar began over ten years ago and has been marked by a blend of technical proficiency and sales acumen, making him a versatile asset to the team.

Having called Miami, Florida, his home for the last 12 years, Michael’s deep understanding of the local energy landscape has been invaluable in crafting solar solutions that meet the community’s needs.

Michael’s academic background is equally impressive, with an engineering degree from Florida A&M University.

This solid foundation in engineering principles, combined with hands-on experience in the solar sector, has equipped him with the skills to navigate the technical challenges of solar installations and innovations.

Beyond his engineering expertise, Michael’s proficiency in both English and Spanish significantly enhances the company’s ability to serve a diverse clientele, reflecting SolarPanelsMiami.org’s commitment to inclusivity and customer service excellence.