Javier Gonzales

Javier Gonzales for SolarPanelsMiamiorg

Javier Gonzales is a seasoned expert in both roofing and solar technology at SolarPanelsMiami.org, boasting over two decades of experience in the solar industry.

A dedicated Miami resident for 16 years, Javier has significantly contributed to the solar landscape through his extensive sales experience and deep technical knowledge.

His educational journey culminated in earning a business degree from Florida International University, enhancing his strategic approach to the renewable energy market.

Fluently bilingual in English and Spanish, Javier embodies the diverse spirit of Miami, enabling the company to effectively communicate and serve a broad spectrum of the community.

His professional qualifications are equally impressive, holding a Class A Florida HVAC License, certification as a PV installer, and a Florida Roofing Contractor (CCC) license. These credentials attest to Javier’s comprehensive expertise in delivering high-quality, integrated solar and roofing solutions.